Mining and Biodiversity

Private Sector’s Guideline for Ecosystem Conservation and Natural Infrastructure Protection in Indonesia Is biodiversity management document development project in mining sector.

This document development involve private sector in Wallcea region as study case site that aim to manage ecosystem with high biodiversity in mining cocession area. This project supported by Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund (CEPF).

Mining sector is a big threat in biodiversity hot spot. Other than that, the usual negative impact which are erosion, surface water and soil pollution by chemicals used in the mining process, local biodiversity lost, local social cost and human healty

Some of mining company in Indonesia are try to increase public image by support many social and enviroment wealth program, but not in the mining company concession area. Though this project, IBCSD will encourage mining company to implement best practice to manage biodiversity in site of mining area. The project begins in October 2016 and will be end in March 2018. This project will be handled by biodiversity experts and practitioners who are competent in the field of mining engineering, economic, and environmental management of mining company. The location of this sampling project will be conducted in one of IBCSD member companies in Wallacea. In the result, the document of this project will be socialized to stakeholders to get input so that this document can be applied.

The development of this project will be involve many parties, include National and local government, NGOs, Academy, private sector and community. It is intended that this document can accommodate the aspirations of all parties concerned so that this document could be one solution to sustainable development

The development of this document is very important, because :

The development of these guidelines is expected to help build a sustainable business through environmental management and biodiversity conservation in the private sector.

Peluncuran Buku Panduan Konservasi Ekosistem dan Lingkungan di Indonesia Bagi Dunia Usaha Di sektor Tambang


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