Welcoming PT ERM Indonesia

February 2018 is now marked as the month when a well-known sustainability consultancy, PT ERM Indonesia, officially joined IBCSD. Including PT ERM Indonesia, IBCSD now has almost 30 members from varying sectors. PT ERM Indonesia itself is a member of Environmental Resources Management (ERM), a leading global sustainability consultancy. ERM has over 140 offices in 40 countries and territories, employing more than 5.000 people. ERM is committed to providing a service that is consistent, professional and of the highest quality to create value for their clients.



Focusing on Environmental Services, ERM’s multi-disciplinary teams of experts allow them to consider the entire range of environmental, health, safety, risk, performance assurance, information solution, pollution and natural resource development, social and economic related issues related to the construction and operation of projects. They are also supported by specialists from other offices in Asia Pacific with valuable project experience in Indonesia. By joining IBCSD, PT ERM Indonesia hopes there will be a lot of collaboration projects within the members born along the way.

"Pursuing sustainable development makes companies more competitive, more resilient and adaptable in a fast-changing world, and more prepare for the future."