Welcoming PT Bayer Indonesia

PT Bayer Indonesia is now a member of IBCSD. As known before, PT Bayer Indonesia produce and market wide range of pharmaceutical and non-prescription products as well as products for the agriculture industry. Bayer operates two state-of-the-art factories in Indonesia that are part of the global Bayer supply chain of manufacturing facilities. The majority of products from both factories are exported to countries around the world, as well as marketed in Indonesia.


To Bayer, sustainability basically means future viability and it forms an integral part of their business strategy. They are convinced that they can only achieve lasting commercial success if they balance economic growth with ecological and social responsibility.

Responsible business practices are the foundation of the Bayer Group‘s sustainable alignment. They identify and mitigate risks at an early stage by implementing this alignment in the areas of compliance (e.g. anti-corruption and responsible marketing), human resources policy, product stewardship, health, environmental protection and safety, and supplier management. They believe that this is one of the key requirements for society’s acceptance of their business. On this basis, they aim to contribute to overcoming global challenges with innovations, and in so doing develop additional business opportunities.

    In addition, Bayer also identifies opportunities and risks by analyzing the important expectations of stakeholders. They match the existing assessment, so that it can be implemented into the relevant field in Bayer. They also document the results or findings into the materiality matrix form. With Bayer commitment on joining IBCSD, we hope more and more sustainability programs will be born.


"Pursuing sustainable development makes companies more competitive, more resilient and adaptable in a fast-changing world, and more prepare for the future."