The Good Life Goals as Your Personal Actions Guide!

Published on: October 1, 2018
By: IBCSD Editor
Content type: News Updates Video

The Good Life Goals focus on the personal actions that everyone can take to support each of the 17 SDGs. They were created to be relevant, easily understood and accessible to individuals all around the world. Although focused on individual actions, this campaign offers some great opportunities for business.

The Good Life Goals can provide companies with valuable clarity into the ways the SDGs link to the actions, activities and lifestyles of their customers and where products and services fit into that picture. As a result, the Good Life Goals can also be leveraged to channel new product development in support of the SDGs. Exploring the linkages between people’s day-to-day lives and the SDGs will help businesses to identify innovation opportunities capable of offering better, more sustainable, lifestyles to their customers. Finally, the Goals provide companies with a simple tool that they can use to enhance awareness of the SDGs among their own staff and promote a corporate culture that is aligned with the 2030 agenda…

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