Validation Workshop untuk Occupation Map di sektor Otomotif

Indonesia is one of the countries in the Asian region that ILO/Japan Programme supported to pursue country level activities in 2017, in the thematic area of Skills for Green Jobs. Among the recommendations in the country profile study, the occupational mapping exercise has been highlighted as a strategic method to understand and assess the different sectors, with regards to key requirements to develop the competitiveness of the Human Resources / Manpower to support the advancement of the sector. 


Therefore, IBCSD together with ILO is developing occupation map on automotive industry.


On 14 December in Jakarta, IBCSD and ILO held a validation workshop for the occupation map inviting key stakeholders from the industry, trade union, government, and business association.


The inputs, comments and recommendations coming from the different focal persons invited in the seminar, enable the technical team to revise and finalize the research that is expected to be completed by January 2018.



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