Educational Media and Design Consultant

Project Background and Summary


Currently oil palm is one of the most lucrative business in Indonesia. The insatiable demand for oil palm has given rise to a great number of corporate oil palm plantations in Indonesia spurring a rapid and continuous expansion of plantation areas. As the land available for large plantations is reaching its limit, one option which is becoming more and more obvious is for corporations to develop partnerships with independent growers.


However, developing good corporate – community partnerships does not come easily, a myriad challenges need to be overcome and often the results are still marred with problems. One challenge is perceptual gap between the stakeholders of the oil palm sector and the limited understanding of the issues that have to be dealed with in developing such partnerships.


Furthermore, the processes of establishing plantations countless conflicts between the stakeholders have emerged bringing economic loses and social suffering to the parties involved. While conflicts might be inevitable, the resolution of those conflicts is yet another challenge to be overcome by the parties.

The Conflict Resolution Unit of the Indonesia Business Council for Sustainable Development in cooperation with the LEOPALD project of GIZ is currently developing a series of educational materials (a toolkit) for stakeholders in oil palm plantations. These materials are expected to support initiatives to develop equitable partnerships between farmers and corporations and/or resolving conflicts among them.


Key stakeholders have been identified as a segmented audience, namely plantation corporations, communities, local governments, NGOs working with those communities, and mediators who might mediate conflicts in the plantation sector. For each of these specific learning materials will be developed. It is expected that these learning materials will support the efforts to build sustainable and fair partnerships and conflict resolution processes.


To support this initiative, CRU is seeking an expert in learning materials development to bring his/her perspectives and insights to the efforts as a consultant.


Responsibilities, but not limited to:


Ensure that the materials produced are educationally appropriate to each audience segment both in design and content.




  • Advice authors and or content specialists in developing the text/content for the learning materials


  • Assist in the sequencing and presentation of the educational content in the appropriate format to facilitate optimal learning.


  • Prepare appropriate format for the presentation or design for the materials.


  • Prepare pre-testing methodology and instruments and carry out field testing of the materials in coordination with authors and or content specialist.


  • Edit the final versions of the training materials to ensure optimal comprehension of the intended audience. These tasks will be caried out intermitendly for 35 working days during a period of three months.



Job Requirements




  • Knowledge and experience in the development of learning materials for adult education (andragogy) and/or extension materials.


  • Appropriate degree in education, communication, visual communication/graphic design or relevant fields.


  • Field experience in communication with diverse stakeholders.


  • Willing to travel if necessary and able to work cooperatively within a team


Professional experience


  • At least 3 years of professional experience in similar projects or equivalent.


How to Apply


Interested candidates should submit a motivation letter, CV, and a portfolio (representative samples of educational materials worked on) to [email protected], and [email protected]


The closing date to submit the application letter is on December 30th, 2019.



Only short-listed candidates will be notified

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