3. Recruitment: TFA Event Organizer

Event Organizer Partner

TFA is a global partnership platform initiated to support the implementation of commitments to reduce the tropical deforestation associated with the sourcing of commodities – primarily palm oil, soy, beef, and paper and pulp.

Hosted by the World Economic Forum, TFA’s 170+ alliance partners include companies, government entities, civil society, indigenous and local communities as well as international organizations. TFA Southeast Asia Platform’s goal is to advance public, private and civil society pursuits for collective action and partnership that will achieve deforestation-free supply chain commitments and strengthen the ecosystem for a forest and palm positive future.

Tropical Forest Alliance – Southeast Asia is looking for a partner to support strategic and creative communications planning and execution for campaigns, driving an integrated outreach across traditional and digital media channels including mobilizing influencers, media and corporate partners to build and championing Southeast Asia’s Forest Positive Future.


Tasks and responsibilities:

Working alongside TFA-SEA communication team lead by Janne Siregar you will be responsible for:

  • Event management support for large-scale public events including the campaign launch and culminating activities
  • Ideas generation for event theme and associated elements
  • Organize and execute the logistical requirements for a successful South Asia regional event
  • Ensure that all the required administrative tasks and logistics associated with the conference are carried out successfully.
  • Manage a small team to this end.
  • Prepare a budget and monitor expenditures in respect of the conference.
  • Liaise with the Steering Group and the Representative in respect of the substantive content of the conference.
  • Liaise with TFA Global regarding the South Asian Regional Event in respect of how it will contribute to the global event.
  • Liaise with relevant Government counterpart officials, agencies, donors, civil society and private sector partners for the purpose of organizing and partnering for conference.
  • Provide full report on conference after the event concludes.
  • Provide suggested follow-up actions after the conclusion of the conference.
  • Undertake such other relevant duties as assigned by the communication lead representative or her designees.

Qualification and Expertise

The successful entity is required to meet the following criteria:

  • Proven experience planning and executing successful events or dialogue (offline and online)
  • Proven experience organizing and managing large scale public events
  • Leaders in innovative communications and marketing techniques
  • Experience working in Indonesia and Malaysia
  • Experience working with The Private Sector, Government, and CSOs
  • Corporate commitment / values aligned to environmental conservation

Applicant(s) should provide the following:

  • CV or team profile
  • Letter of application including details of relevant experience
  • References list
  • Completed fees/price structure

Contract duration

The contract will be effective for until May 31, 2021 from date of signing. To be extended as agreed between parties.    

Terms and conditions of payment

To be determined per events.


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