Small Medium Enterprises: The Core to Sustainable Business

Sustainability is not exclusive. Every business line has to implement sustainability as the basis of its work. Moreover, OJK through regulation number 51/POJK.03/2017 has determined that every public company in Indonesia must have a sustainability report starting in 2021.

This government decision certainly does not only affect large companies, but also its suppliers, both medium and small enterprises. Therefore, training and enhancing insights related to sustainability for SMEs is important to be started early. For example, a workshop that is done by IBCSD member, PT Hero Supermarket Tbk. together with Yayasan Darma Bakti Astra, in the city of Banjarmasin on 7th of August.

The main point of the workshop is to help the SMEs to learn on how to develop a more responsible business, their own way. To do that, SMEs should determine and communicate the values adopted. Other thing they should do is to involve employees to start ‘seeing’ resource efficiency and get better on it. Then, trying to reduce carbon footprint is ahead of them. After that, measure the results and impacts to get evidence of environmental and social performance is also important so it can be used to differentiate a product and attract more customers. Last but not least, SMEs could start small with the concept of ‘Re-use’ in every compatible aspect in their industry.

Of course enlighten the SMEs is not something easy. They first should have the awareness to start evaluate their own business, regarding sustainability. Therefore, IBCSD together with GRI come up with a program called Corporate Sustainability Report for Competitive Business. This program designed for IBCSD’s member companies to help their SMEs supplier to understand and start doing sustainability report on an online platform, so it would be easier for the company too to compile their data and develop their own SR. For more info around the program, please contact us through email on [email protected]

"Pursuing sustainable development makes companies more competitive, more resilient and adaptable in a fast-changing world, and more prepare for the future."