Another inspiring company has joined the Indonesia Business Council for Sustainable Development (IBCSD). This time it is PT L’Oréal Indonesia. For more than a century L’Oréal has devoted itself to only one business: beauty. A rich business of meaning whereby individuals can express their own personalities, be more confident and open. L’Oréal has established a mission to offer the best cosmetics innovation in terms of quality, effectiveness and security for men and women worldwide.
Spirit, Innovation, Entrepreneurship Soul, Openness, Effort to Achieve Excellence are the values embedded in L’Oreal’s genetic code which the team continues to express by their entire team in different parts of the world. Their ethical principles are Integrity, Respect, Courage and Transparency.This is what shapes L’Oréal’s culture, supports their reputation, and is implemented by all L’Oréal employees.
L’Oréal has undertaken a profound transformation towards an increasingly sustainable model, to respond to its environmental and social impacts, as well as to the main challenges which the world is facing today. Its strong ethical commitment, its Sharing Beauty With All sustainability programme, its policy of promoting diversity and the corporate philanthropy actions conducted with the support of the L’Oréal Foundation enable the Group to contribute to 14 of the 17 goals set by the United Nation.
According to L’Oréal 2016 report, L’Oréal already started a few programme regarding sustainability. Their programmes includes Reducing the environmental footprint of formulas, respecting biodiversity, optimizing packaging, and also to achieve zero deforestation. L’Oréal also very concern in producing sustainably by reducing CO2 commission, water consumption, and waste. by joining IBCSD, L’Oréal is ready to share their expertise in the sustainable field and also learn more about sustainability in all aspects related.

"Pursuing sustainable development makes companies more competitive, more resilient and adaptable in a fast-changing world, and more prepare for the future."