Waste Management Helps Recycling Process

As stated by the Australian National Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), Indonesia has sent back 100 containers of waste back to Australia last September. Ironically, this waste actually can be recycled if only they were sorted and not contaminated as it was.

Segregation process, or in other words, separating the waste is not a cheap procedure. Especially when the waste is mixed and contaminated. However, there are many companies that would love to recycle the waste and make it useful again, such as IBCSD member, PT Repal International Indonesia.

PT Repal International Indonesia turns waste to pallets. Nonetheless, not all waste are eligible to be processed to become pallets. Only some types of plastics are best to be turned into pallets. If only all the waste are already sorted, and separated between the organics, plastic types, and other materials, it will be much easier to start a recycling process. Therefore, waste management is a key to a more sustainable waste solution.

To understand more around this issue, Chris Bath of the Australian National Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) interviewed one of IBCSD Member company’s CEO, Stephen Bowhill (PT Repal International Indonesia). You can listen to the interview here: http://www.piixeldesigns.com/clients/re-pal/abc-interview.mp3

Photo credit: (KOMPAS.COM/Yoga Sukmana)

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