Renewable Energy: A Profitable GREENLIFESTYLE

Jakarta, Sept 24th 2020 – In the discussion entitled ‘Unlocking Renewable Energy Demand from Commercial and Industrial Buyers for Green Economy’, organized by the Indonesia Business Council for Sustainable Development (IBCSD), Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources Arifin Tasrif, represented by the Director of Various New and Renewable Energy, Harris ST MT, said , “Indonesia is committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 by 29 percent without assistance and 41 percent with international support. Of course this includes the energy sector, the government has set a target of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 314 million tons of CO2 by 2030 ” The estimated investment required to reduce emissions by 314 million CO2 is IDR 3,500 trillion. The RE Power Plant sector is targeted to contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 156.6 million tons of CO2 (or 49.8% of the total energy sector mitigation actions) with an investment requirement of 1,690 trillion Rupiah. From an economic perspective, reducing costs on the energy system, combined with a reduction in air pollution and carbon dioxide emissions, will save up to US $ 53 billion per year, or an estimated 1.7% of Indonesia’s GDP by 2030.This means that accelerating the use of renewable energy can increase Indonesia’s GDP as much as 1.3% in 2030 (International Renewable Energy Agency, 2017).

Published on: October 21, 2020
By: IBCSD Editor
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Of all sectors, industry has the largest energy demand followed by the transportation, household, commercial sector and others. Changing conventional energy systems to renewable energy certainly requires investment. If the use of new and renewable energy is accelerated, the investment that must be spent will no longer be a problem, especially since the cost of renewable energy is now lower. “The reduced cost of renewable energy has created new opportunities for its use, including in the commercial and industrial sectors. As the demand for clean energy continues to increase in developing countries, the industrial sector has taken the lead in committing to using clean energy in its operations, ”said Shinta Kamdani, President of the Indonesia Business Council for Sustainable Development (IBCSD). One of IBCSD member companies that have become thought leaders in the use of renewable energy is Coca-Cola Amatil Indonesia, one of the largest bottling companies and distributors of non-alcoholic ready drinks in Indonesia. Just like Amatil, SUN Energy also continues to innovate in providing affordable technology for renewable energy. This discussion regarding the use of renewable energy is part of the Green Lifestyle Program campaign carried out by the IBCSD. IBCSD as a business association that focuses on sustainable issues deliberately provides a platform for the industrial sector to be able to take collaborative action to support the principles of sustainable consumption and production.

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