IBCSD is supporting IP2WM to help promote circular economy

IBCSD together with several partners are working together supporting the Indonesia Partnership on Plastic Waste Management (IP2WM). The initiative is a working group that underpinned by the ministry of maritime affairs to reduce plastic waste by promoting a better waste management through circular economy.

This partnership itself has a Vision and Missions as stated below:
• To be the Indonesian national public-private partnership (PPP) to support Indonesia government goals on plastic waste management through applying the principles of circular economy
• Support the establishment of effective waste management system
• Raise people’s awareness towards behavioral change through education and communication
• Leverage research & development, innovation, and technology, especially through the principles of circular economy
• Support the study of Indonesian national plastic and waste management databases
• Seek innovative financing options to be an enabler of achieving the vision
• Collaborate in the Indonesia national formulation of relevant policy, law, and regulations in coping with plastic waste issue
To learn more about the partnership and initiatives, please check out the document below:

[IP2WM doc]

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