Brainstorming on Inclusive Food Systems

“Inclusion of private sector actors in the food systems should bring value addition in technology development, knowledge transfer and innovation, job creation and alternative revenue streams”, said Mr. Stephen Rudgard, FAO Representative Indonesia in his keynote remarks in the brainstorming on inclusive food systems in Indonesia in Menara KADIN Jakarta on 26 July 2019. This event is part of the collaborative initiative between the Indonesia Business Council for Sustainable Development (IBCSD) and FAO Indonesia on mobilizing involvement and investment of private sectors for inclusive food systems to support SDGs in Indonesia

Thirty two people representing 16 different institutions: government institutions, private sectors, associations, banking, non-government organisations participated in the brainstorming. The brainstorming session focused on the current problems, strengths and opportunities for the investment of private sectors for inclusive food systems in Indonesia. Just to mention few burning issues among other else are concerning the ageing farmers and the conversion of agricultural land. On the former, based on the data of Central Statistics  Agency (BPS) in 2018 the average of farmers’ age above 45 years old reaches 64,2%. And on the latter, a serious challenge is the fact that the availability of agricultural land for the last five years has been decreasing.

Director for Food and Agriculture, Ministry of National Development Planning (BAPPENAS), Mr. Anang Noegroho in his presentation said that food sector is one of the focused priorities in the coming National Medium-Term Development Plan 2020-2024. The government will increase food availability, access and safety, including by improving the governance of national food systems.  Mobilization of participation and investment of private sectors is very crucial to support the achievement of inclusive food systems in Indonesia.

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