Adopting Children’s Rights and Business Principles

As an exclusive service for the members, IBCSD conducted a learning session and dialogue on how the private sector can adopt Children’s Rights and Business Principles (CRBP) in Jakarta on 2 May 2019. The CRBP itself has actually been introduced in Indonesia by UNICEF since 2013. However, the adoption of these principles into actual practices among companies needs ongoing learning.

Mr. Agus H. Reskoprodjo, IBCSD Executive Committee Member, in his opening remarks emphasised that proper respect and supports to children rights among societies in Indonesia is still a real challenge. The role of the private sector is very crucial. He said, “Applying children’s right and business principles will not only bring positive impact for the protection of the children in our societies, but it will also bring benefits and positive impacts to the companies themselves.”


As the refreshment to children’s rights and business principles, resource person from UNICEF, Ms. Lukita Setiyarso, provided detailed elaboration on the ten CRB principles and facilitated the discussion. Participants were also invited to share their experience from their respective business practices. All IBCSD member companies already implement the ten CRB principles through various activities bringing direct and indirect impacts for children. On the former, for example, are through day car service, safety and nutritious food, education program, such scholarship, entrepreneurship training, education facilities, etc. On the latter, some companies allow flexible working hours to employees so that they have quality time for their children.

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