Seeing the issue of gender equality and the condition of the world of science and women in Indonesia which still deserves more attention, IBCSD member, L’Oréal Indonesia, supported by UNESCO and the Ministry of Education and Culture gave awards and research funds to four Indonesian female scientists. The four scientists were Sylvia Ayu Pradanawati, PhD who used rice husk waste as an anode for battery temperature and high voltage applications, Dr. Yessie Widya Sari which utilizes microalgae protein as a smart material for food and agricultural product packaging, and Athanasia Amanda Septevani, PhD and Korri Elvanita El Khobar, PhD. “Since 2004, we are committed to supporting the role of female scientists for human life, through their discoveries. We believe that women who are involved in science can change the world. Because the world needs science and science needs women,” said President Director of L’Oréal Indonesia , Umesh Phadke, at the same event.

Until now, the results of the research program For Women in Science have been able to be enjoyed by the public. For example, the environmentally friendly plastic packaging by Doctor Noryawati Mulyono, or sorghum rice for the consumption of diabetics as a result of research by Doctor Desta Wirnas.

Not a few female scientists’ alumni of the program now have prestigious leadership positions in the world of science, such as Doctor Ines Atmosukarto who became President Director of Lipotek, a biotech company in Australia, and Professor of Doctor Fatma Sri Wahyuni ??who became Professor of Pharmacy at Andalas University, North Sumatra.

(source: https://www.suara.com/lifestyle/2018/11/11/120544/indonesia-butuh-ilmuwan-perempuan-lebih-banyak)

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