PT East West Seed Indonesia: A robust action plan to prevent Covid-19 spread and securing seed supply

A solid strategic and action plan managed by middle management was prepared by PT East West Seed Indonesia’s to execute a strategic direction. In responding Covid-19 impacted to crisis and overrun to manage, company already activate a Crisis Management Team (CMT) lead by member of BOD. This team had been prepared the guideline for any unacceptable situation by providing:

  1. Crisis Management Playbook.
  2. Company Crisis Guideline
  3. Emergency Notification System (ENS).


To maintain an excellent operation, an integrated action plan with detail activity is also being execute, monitor, and analyze for any possible risks to achieve the objective of Covid-19 spread prevention. EWINDO is providing tools to facilitate the team to work closely and mobilized whole resources in effective and efficient manner.

Besides that, Ewindo also worked in securing seed supply and industry alignment. The pandemic Covid-19 predicted by some experts will happen in quite long time. Indonesia as the big country with thousand islands and about 270 million in population need 7 Million vegetable farmers to supply their food.  So, the farmers should be supported to accomplish their mission feeding the people, and seed is one the essential input.   EWINDO ensuring there would be enough seed supplies across the country in effective and timely manner.

As a leader in seed industry, EWINDO convinced Indonesia Seed Industry Associations to submit a letter to Indonesia National Disaster Management Agency (BNPB), the aim is to propose un-hampered logistics for food and agriculture inputs, while the seeds is one of the most essential input to provide sustainable food in this critical circumstance.

Another important initiative taken by the company is EWINDO proactively contribute to local community and some actions taken to demonstrate the commitment.  EWINDO issued the local guideline for community education about health, hygiene and sanitation by providing banners, flyer and hand sanitizer to be placed in strategic place such as Mosque, Meeting hall etc.

Not only for the community, Ewindo also shown the commitment to their employees. An employee self-assessment for employee after long holiday of Eid Fitri and listed people who travel out of town and do activities in the crowd or public facilities.  As follow up of self-assessment, 15 people categorized as high risk infected by Covid was tested using Rapid Test Covid-19 and so far, all samples gave non-reactive result.

Read PT Ewindo report on Covid-19 action here:

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