Mondelez Indonesia: Protecting those at the heart of the program

In Indonesia, Mondelez is working with Wahana Visi Indonesia and Save the Children to minimize the spread of COVID-19 in Cocoa Life communities. Through both partners, they were distributing hygiene kits, hand washing stations, food, and other essential products.
Understand that knowledge is one of the best prevention methods, Mondelez Indonesia is supporting the dissemination and use of child-friendly and farmer-friendly virus-related training materials as well as improving local government capacity through online “training of trainers”, to raise awareness in local communities.
The effort together with Wahana Visi Indonesia and Save The Children was done in Sulawesi, Sumatera. HOwever, Aid by Mondelez was also distributed in Jakarta and other Java area.  Globally, USD 20 million has been projected to the COVID-19 related program.
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