Ministry of Environment and Forestry together with Asia Pasific Roundtable Sustainable Consumption and Production (APRSCP) secretariat and National Clean Production Center, supported by Stakeholder Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP) where one of them is IBCSD, held 4th Asia Pacific Roundtable Sustainable Consumption and Production (APRSCP) Conference & 2nd Indonesia Resource Efficient Forum & Expo (IREFE) on Monday, November 12, 2018 at Balai Kartini, Jakarta. In this event, IBCSD participate as the host for Roundtable 2 Session.

The objective of this seminar was to display business sector’s innovative effort to work on business sustainability as well as reduction of environment and social risks. Another goal is to emphasize a need for collaboration among business players and other stakeholders within business value-chain.

We are facing a situation where in 2050 there will be projected nine billion people consuming limited resources of our planet. The additional demand for materials, energy and other ecosystem services will most likely outpace efficiency gains in the supply chain and overwhelm natural systems. Business, as product and service provider, will face significant consequences when not addressing above situation like rising costs due to increasing competition of scarce raw materials and energy sources, uncertainty as a result of global climate change impacts, and increasing regulation.

Business should not only transform from ‘business-as-usual’ to more sustainable approach, but also think of and involve its supply-chain and consumers from product designing, distributing, marketing until disposing, taking a lead in collaboratively encouraging them to be more responsible in their consumptions.

"Pursuing sustainable development makes companies more competitive, more resilient and adaptable in a fast-changing world, and more prepare for the future."