WBCSD Food Reform for Health and Sustainability (FReSH) project – a partnership between the World Business Council for Sustainable Development and EAT – announced the creation of the Food Loss and Waste Value Calculator that allows to instantly estimate the value of food loss and waste in terms of the nutrition being lost and in terms of environmental impacts.

FReSH recognizes the immense opportunity of addressing food loss and waste to improve the efficiency of the global food system and to tackle nutrition security and environmental impacts.

Companies can use the tool to proactively prioritize food loss and waste streams from an environmental impact or nutrition standpoint, as well as the potential value of mitigation solutions. They can also use the tool to retroactively calculate the value of previously saved food loss and waste quantities in terms of nutrition and environmental impacts. In this way, the tool can help communicate about food loss and waste and focus on the actions needed to mitigate its impact on climate change and the sustainability of food systems. The tool is intended to be used as a screening process to indicate areas that require further scrutiny or prioritization and to give a rough estimate of the impact…


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