Indonesia Vision 2050

Members of the Indonesia Business Council for Sustainable Development (IBCSD) and the Indonesia Chambers of Commerce and Industry (KADIN Indonesia) are organizing the Indonesia Vision 2050 project to develop a business view of a sustainable and sustaining civilization by 2050; which aims to tackle the harder challenges of laying out actions that must be taken, starting now, to make that vision a reality. The members are launching the project amidst dramatic evidence “business as usual” is no longer an option in the face of a climate changing more rapidly than predicted, declining key ecosystem services, food and energy insecurity for many, and a financial crisis sparked mainly by short-term thinking and poor governance.

Capacity Building

Waste Pledge Invitation for member of IBCSD

Natural Capital

Mining and Biodiversity


Green Lifestyle Initiative

An initiative from IBCSD to encourage private sector transforming its mindset and system and thus, implementing sustainable consumption and production.

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IBCSD Updates

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News Updates

FOCUS GROUP DISCUSSION: Alignment of POJK 51/2017 with GRI Standard and SDGs Reporting

News Updates

Towards FMCGs Sustainable Supply Chain Management

News Updates

Training Session: “How to Use Child Safeguarding tool for Private Sector”

News Publication Updates

APRIL Ranks in ‘Higher Transparency’ Category in SPOTT 2019 Assessment

News Updates

IBCSD Partnership in Indonesia Development Forum 2019

IBCSD Membership

If your company recognises the need for engaging on sustainable development and wants to learn more, you should join the IBCSD.

If you have an established sustainability strategy, but want to work together with other peer companies for greater collective impact, then the IBCSD presents an ideal opportunity for you. Whether you are in early or advanced stages, the main requirement for membership is a "commitment to action" and a willingness to share experience.


Our Member

We are uniquely positioned to work with member companies along and across value chains to deliver impactful business solutions to the most challenging sustainability issues. Together we are the leading voice of business for sustainability.


"Pursuing sustainable development makes companies more competitive, more resilient and adaptable in a fast-changing world, and more prepare for the future."